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TMA Professional Athletic-Cuts MMA Shorts With Flex Panels Great deal while our supplies last


MMA shorts by TMA are designed for unrestricted freedom of movement and functional comfort. On each side of the shorts, athletic cuts are made to provide unparalleled mobility during training. Along with special stretchiness for stretch out, high kicks, and other movements related to the sport, the TMA shorts are made with supreme durability, functionality and complete breathability to maximize performance. The T3 reinforced stitching allows added ultimate strength and complements the durability of this fight shorts. TMA special inner strip waistband with interlocking drawstring is used within the design for adjustable and best fit. This specially processed odor prevention material inhibits bacteria growth so your shorts doesn’t smell. The latest appealing designs embedded with logo in appealing and contrasting color speaks volumes of the utility, quality and value of the TMA manufactured shorts.

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